You’ve Got Mail!

So, confession time: I’ve been doing dating via one of the major online dating sites out there.

Okay – so that isn’t much of a confession in this plugged-in era, but it still seems a little avant-guard to me. And putting my profile up made me nervous: I wasn’t out to much of anyone at that time, kind of testing the waters, and I was terrified that someone I knew would find me out. That I would find my Inbox filled with “OMG YOU’RE A…A… LESBIAN???” emails. Really, wouldn’t that have been a hoot?

Anyway, it’s not like I’m running into eligible gay women all over the place (oh, yea – the thing about all gay people having gaydar? Absolutely not true! I’m living proof…) so I figured, might as well do what I can to expand my social circle. Even if it included posting a hokey – yet truthful – profile online for the world to see.

It’s been an interesting experiment so far. There’s been Clingy Chick, who got upset when I didn’t email first thing in the morning – every morning. And Crazy Chick who promised to “show me the ropes”… after she got done buying a house because her dog’s psychologist told her that her dog needed a new, bigger place to live. Then there was Way-Type-A Chick who spent the lunch stressing about … nothing at all, as far as I could tell, but was VERY focused on it.

Let’s not forget the Oh-Didn’t-I-Mention-My-Two-Year-Old-Triplet-Boys Chick who played it as if she were single and childless until the very end of the date, and then was all like, “This doesn’t bother you, does it?”. Houdini Chick, who would email voraciously and then would drop completely out of sight just to reappear again as if nothing had happened. Poof! And then the one I actually liked – Caustic Chick – because we had the same kind of sense of humor, but – as my luck goes – it didn’t work out.

Currently there’s Hick Chick… perhaps not a kind name, but I don’t intend it meanly – it’s just a geographic thing because she’s a few hours south of me. Started out with emails, then a 3-hour lunch, then more texts than my cell phone can handle. Now what? I’m not sure. Unlike all the ones before, there are hints of potential — but the distance makes me shy away. My thumbs can’t keep up with a texting relationship.

So, I keep on keepin’ on for the time being.  Though, in the meantime, if Justine Henin or Neve Campbell want to give me a try, I’d be up for that too. Think their profile is online?


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