I’ve been thinking…

… about how to tell my parents.  I touched on this in a previous post — the fact that I hadn’t told them — and then veered so far off course, that the point of the post was lost somewhere in my ramblings about my communication issues.

One form of communication that I’m at least decent at (you be the judge!) is putting my thoughts down on paper.  I appreciate the time to think things through, make sure that it’s exactly what I want to say and not have to worry about the immediate reaction of someone else or even my reaction to their reaction.  Call me a girl scout, but I like to be prepared.

Up to this point, I’ve summarily dismissed the idea of writing my parents a letter. It seems too impersonal for what needs to be a very personal conversation. There’s even a sense of unfairness about it, at least in my mind — I get to say what’s on my mind, but don’t give them the same opportunity in return. At least not in the moment they find out.

But I’d get to say everything I wanted to say, make sure that nothing is left out. And it would give them time to process all of it before having to react to me. Who knows – they might like that way better? I’m just really not sure.

All I know is that once I start with my parents, I’ll have started the ball rolling and will need to immediately pick up the phone and call my sister and tell her, and also somehow let my brother know too.  We’re a family that gossips, and that’s not how I want them to find out.

Still on hold.  Still deciding.  Need to move forward.

Soon, people.  Soon.


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