Women of mystery

And by “women of mystery”, of course, I mean *all* women.  I just don’t get women.  Not one little bit, it seems.  All one big bundle of mystery to this newly-declared gay girl.

Guys are so much more straightforward.  You never wonder what they’re thinking or what direction the relationship is headed.  Never will the words, “Let’s just be friends and then see what happens” come from their mouths. And that makes it easy.  I might have my own communication issues, but I never wondered what was going on with any guy that I ever dated.

Women, on the other hand… seemingly unfathomable.  At least to me.  Really, what is this whole “be friends and see what happens” line? I’ve heard it at least 3 times now.  I figure, either you’re in a relationship with the intention of dating or you’re not.  That friends-but-maybe-more-but-maybe-not purgatory just seems like one long-ass interview for whether or not you’d be okay to date. What’s the point of that?  Why not just date?  Wouldn’t that be more efficient? (I’m all about efficiency… )

Here’s the other end of the spectrum:  guys aren’t looking to jump into relationships, for the most part.  Well, they are – but their definition of that is jumping into bed.  Perhaps they’re ready right away for the fun stuff, but ask them for a dresser drawer?  Ever see anyone run quite so fast in the other direction?

One of my first introductions to the lesbian lifestyle was the joke about what a lesbian brings on a first date?  A U-haul.  Um, yea.  That’s one of those jokes that’s funny only because it’s SO DAMN TRUE. Once you move from the interview stage, it’s like the dating stage doesn’t even exist, it’s all: you’re wonderful, let’s adopt a cat together.  Or maybe a dog.  Everyone’s different, you know.

All I know?  Aside from nothing?  That this makes my head spin.  What happened to the meet someone, date for awhile, see how things go and then decide whether something more committed or long term might be in the cards? Seems so… normal… to me to do it like this.

I always like the dating part.  The getting to know you part.  The talking and the movies and the fun activities that you’d never do until you’re looking for a way to pass a weekend.  And maybe sex is involved.  Perhaps it isn’t.  But the point is this:  yes, I’m interested.  Yes, I want to explore this further.  No, I don’t want to move in with you.

There are other women out there like this.  Right?


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