Calm down. It’s just Olympic Gold.

I know that this is old news by now, but it’s rankled me enough that I decided to get it off my chest…

So, the Canadian’s Women’s hockey team took the gold medal at the Olympics.  They started their celebration in the locker room, and when asked to return to the ice for pictures — after most of the crowd had left — the celebration moved with them.

They whooped and hollered and hugged and cheered.  And drank beer, popped open some bubbly and smoked cigars, generally acting like a team of girls on top of the world, the exuberance of the win and their celebration evident on their faces

And the IOC, after finding out from the Associated Press about the behavior of the team, reprimanded them for not acting the way an Olympic athlete should act.  They should — according to IOC president — not celebrate like that in public and that it was “over-exuberant”.


So… they were too happy?  About winning Olympic gold?

Jon Montgomery, winner of a gold medal in skeleton, walked the streets of Vancouver immediately after his victory, guzzling beer out of a pitcher that he carried around in both hands.  That barely made a blip on the IOC’s radar.

I pose this question:  if this had been the men’s hockey team, would any eyebrows have been raised?

Perhaps – just perhaps – the ire of the IOC was raised because they felt that the women on that hockey team, by chugging down beer and champagne, and smoking cigars, weren’t acting “lady-like” enough to suit their taste?

Granted, the IOC never said anything like that, but I really doubt that the if the men’s team had brought beer and cigars, that anyone would have thought twice about it.

Hopefully, nothing will come of the IOC’s investigation into the behavior.  I mean, c’mon – let them enjoy their victory!  It’s not like they were doing this immediately after the win, with the US team still on the ice.  Or even, for that matter, with the bulk of the crowd still at the venue.  It *was* a mostly private celebration, except – of course – that there were cameras there to capture the event.

Sometimes, I just can’t believe what people will spend their energy chasing down.  Let the girls go.  They won.  They were happy.  They had the audacity to show it outside the locker room.  Good for them.


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