Happy Friday #1: 40 and The Truth

I think I’m going to start a new feature here… it’s Happy Friday!

Seems to me that I spend a lot of time whining about the things that aren’t going right for me.  Fact is, there are a lot of things right about my life, both day to day and overall.  And I can’t think of a better time to talk about this than Friday!

So – this week?  Easy schmeasy.  All the birthday wishes!  I never feel quite as loved as when I’ve got friends coming out of the woodwork to give me 40th birthday greetings (and – of course – a few “damn, you’re OLD!” insults… which I either already have or will return in kind).

Sometimes I have a hard time expressing myself, telling the people in my life how important they are to me, but it gets just a little bit easier having a reason. Especially not having a family of my own, my friends mean the world to me, and with them around my life is infinitely richer.

The second thing I’m thankful for this week (which will become a post of its own) is my parents.  Yes, I finally came out to them.  And, I vastly underestimated their ability to support me, no matter how I choose to live my life.  They came through for me when I really needed them, and I feel like I can kind of start really moving forward.  It wasn’t perfect by any means, but oh-so-much better than both my worst case scenario and my what-I-figure-will-happen scenario.  And they tell me I’m not going to be thrown out of the family.  So, there’s that.

(of course, that would have been MUCH more difficult to explain to grandma… “where’s Laura?” … “Oh, she decided to move to … somewhere… and isn’t coming back….”)

Hope your week has been as good as mine!


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