Is that a word?

Probably not.  But, I’ve been struggling to write the blog post about telling my parents.  I’ve written and written and rewritten and edited the hell out of it, scrapped all of that and started over again.  And there’s still something that doesn’t quite ring true about it.

It started out as a happy, gushy, I-can’t-believe-how-awesome-my-life-is kind of post.  And that was telling one big part of the story.  But kind of missing something.

Then I threw that out entirely.  The next version was a little moodier, and that failed to capture what really happened as well.

I took what I had and edited and edited until I was almost down just to conversation points — it wasn’t even quite as interesting as my senior year thesis paper.  Which was about rat sex.  (truly!)

So… I’m still working on it.  Really trying to get the words right, capture the experience, the happiness, the confusion, the surreality of the whole damn thing.


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