Over at Communicatrix, Thursdays are Poetry Thursdays.  And while poetry hasn’t always been my thing, her poems always seem to hit home in a way that others don’t.

This past Thursday, the poem was “South To True North” and I interpreted it to be all about how sometimes you have to bust out of your daily life and venture into some uncomfortable places to really grow and learn and live. That by always retreating into your routine you isolate yourself from experiences and life-changing events.  And how true this is!

Having decided to come out of the closet in my late 30’s, I’m well aware of the walls that I built, both to keep people from guessing the truth about me and to allow myself to not have to deal with the pain and awkwardness of being honest about my sexual orientation with my friends and family.  I spent a whole lot of my life taking the easy way out.  Funny, though, how the easy way out isn’t always the road to a satisfying existence.

And now that I’ve made the first steps by telling people about me, I’ve got more issues that I need to figure out and push through, new things that need to be resolved.  Time to walk the walk, just not talk the talk again.  Get moving.  Break down those electric fences (this damn collar!).  Onward!


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