Happy Friday #3: Meet-ups

(on Fridays around these parts, I take a little time to make sure that all the happy things happening in my life get a shout out)

This past weekend was chock full of get togethers!

Friday started it with my cousin from California dropping into town unexpectedly — I met up with her and we sat at Panera for hours, just catching up with each others’ lives.  It was the best kind of medicine for what had been a rough week.  We don’t see each other often (though, I should really visit her more – she’s the one with the great weather year round!), but whenever we do get together, it’s like opening a book right where we left off, picking up as if no time had passed.

And then a Mexican dinner with a small group of close friends.  Nothing heavy, nothing intense, just fun and laughter and guacamole.  What more is there?

Of course, the answer to what more there is …. SUSHI!  A friend turned sister-in-law turned ex-sister-in-law turned ex-friend turned close friend once again came out to visit.  I took her out for sushi, and we talked, our long history allowing us to skip the formalities. And like we had always been able to, we shared our hopes and issues and successes and everything that was troubling us.  My heart alternately broke for her and soared for her.  As hers did for me. So gratifying.

This trio of get togethers made me oh-so-happy, each for different reasons. And just highlights how lucky I am to have such quality people in my life.


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