Happy Friday #5: Puppy love

(on Fridays around these parts, I take a little time to make sure that all the happy things happening in my life get a shout out)

So, this week I get to spend some time with my most favorite canine:  Ginger the Wonder Dog.  She’s my friend’s dog, and I’m usually first in line when they need a dog-sitter.

I’ll only have her for about two days, which is about the perfect amount of time: enough time to enjoy her company, and not enough time for me to realize how incompatible my current life is for doggie ownership.

And the fact that my life isn’t conducive to having a dog?  Seriously bums me out.  I had to put my pup down a few years ago, and while I knew it was the best thing to do, sometimes it sucks being the human being in the relationship who has to make decisions like that.  And I miss him.  I miss walking in the door and having someone who was unabashedly ecstatic to see me.  Every day. And since he also earned the title of Laziest Dog With the Biggest Bladder in the World, he was a good match for my schedule, which keeps me from home about 12 hours at a time (from leaving for work to coming straight home from work).

But to bring a new dog into that situation wouldn’t be fair — it’s not like the pup-to-be would get a contract to look over and make a decision whether he was okay being alone for long periods of time.  And so, I’ve remained dogless since that awful day, way back when.

So, I LOVE dog-sitting, especially for Ginger.  She seriously competes with my old dog for the “laziest” title, and also actually listens, like, all the time and not just occasionally to make me think I might be in charge.  A great combination of enthusiastic and low-key, cuddly and ready to go for a walk.

Happiness is a doggie to come home to, that’s for sure.


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