It comes with instructions?

In this enlightening post, Havi Brooks out at The Fluent Self talks about creating a Book of You.  Everything about you put into a book of some sort that’s like a big ol’ instruction manual to how you work.  Or how you think you work.  Or things you’re testing out about how you work.

Mine includes things like…

  • I hate having to make a schedule to get things done, but I feel oh-so-much better and am SO much more productive when I’ve got that — at least — in my head, if not written down.  And I like nothing better than a feeling of accomplishment. But I forget this ALL THE TIME.  How is that possible?
  • Training (usually running or biking) is something I’m often feeling too tired to do.  But if I actually make my lazy ass get off the couch?  I almost always feel better for it.
  • A bowl of rich, creamy, thick Chobani vanilla greek yogurt soothes me like no other food does.  I think it might even be better than chocolate because despite feeling decadent, it’s a pretty healthy choice.

But you can also include theories you have of yourself.  Some things I’m testing…

  • I know that I need more sleep.  Always. But I have a difficult time getting to bed by 8pm, which is what I’d need to do to get 8 hours a night.  So, I’m playing with going upstairs at 7pm.  Doing the thing that experts say not to do:  watch TV, work on my computer, read … do things other than sleep in my bed.  So far, I’m finding that when I start getting drowsy, it’s easier to quit what I’m doing than when I’m still dressed and in my family room.
  • Allowing myself to eat if I’m actually hungry, regardless of how many calories I’ve already taken in for the day.  But – I have to wait it out, really decide that I’m hungry and not bored or upset.  So far this has meant that I’ve been over-shooting my calorie intake – we’ll see how it affects the month-end weigh-in/measurements.

I also have a page of things that I want to accomplish; call it my bucket list.  I want to live an out and proud gay life.  Retire early.  Travel the world. All sorts of fun things.

I’ve also started recording the compliments that people pass on to me.  I used to have such a hard time accepting a compliment — arguing with the person as if they didn’t know what they were talking about — but wisdom (age?) has taught me that you take everything you can get.  And then, in my case, I record it forever and ever in my Book of Me.  Sounds silly, but it helps to read that other people think you’re a worthwhile human being when you think you might be a level or two below that.

I figure if I ever get done, I can hand this little document out to all potential friends.  Like, you know, a resume, complete with accomplishments, instructions and references.  Would save a lot of time, no?


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