Own path

Life is like a hiking trip you go on by yourself.

Or, maybe it’s just *my* life that’s like that.

The trip to and from?  It would be nice to have company, but once you figure out how to entertain yourself, the time passes quickly enough.

And once you’re there, you can sink into your surroundings.  Feel yourself fitting in, wondering what it would be like to be here all the time.

The hikes themselves?  You can go at your own pace.  Study the things you find interesting, speed past the stuff that doesn’t catch your eye.  Left or right? Easy or hard?  Your decision.  No one to blame or congratulate, depending on the outcome.

And while you’re on the path, you get yourself some trail buddies.  People to talk with, and pass the time.  You joke and make small talk.  Exchange information — where are you from? what do you do? how long are you here? — and otherwise define yourself however you’d like to.  You learn about their likes and dislikes, what they think is worth seeing and what you should pass up.  And from the little you know about them, you evaluate this information and maybe come away just a little richer than you were before.

But these aren’t people you depend on.  Sure, you can ask for small favors, but they’re not there to solve your problems.  That’s still entirely up to you.  You use them as checkpoints, knowing that there’s now someone out here on these lonely paths that knows your plans, but you don’t count on them to save you if you run into trouble.

And you continue on, forging ahead.  Trying to appreciate the journey, yet looking forward to the destination.  Hoping for blue skies and sunshine, but knowing that you’ll get rained on from time to time.  With any luck, you avoid the thunder and lightning and stay out of harm’s way.  Or perhaps you make your stand and rage against the storm, even knowing it won’t do any good. And even if it doesn’t, you learn a little more about what you’re made of and how facing the tough stuff makes your stronger.

And you do this all the while knowing that it’s all you, babe.  And for right now that’s okay. In fact, more than just okay.

Because someday there will be that someone that’ll be worth compromising plans for, but until then, you depend on yourself and choose your own adventures.  No compromising, only doing things your way.

And you’ll enjoy every minute of it.


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