Why not the whole enchilada?

While I was driving in this morning, listening to NPR on the radio (yes, I’m a big ol’ dork/nerd/whatever), I heard a story that talked about Washington’s “Anything But Marriage” law that was being contested.  The anti-gay coalition was trying to get it off the books, and the voting public resoundingly dismissed the anti-gay push to remove our rights.

At first, I felt a surge of “well, FINALLY – a state that has a majority of people that aren’t complete idiots” and was happy about the rights that gays and lesbians had been granted.

And then… I started thinking (probably not the best idea, pre-6am).  Why not marriage, too?  I mean, yes – don’t get me wrong – I understand the step forward that ABM represents – but why are we excluded from marriage?  Why should marriage not be a right afforded us?

I don’t get the argument that same-sex marriage threatens the institution of marriage.  If that’s the case, then divorce among heterosexuals shouldn’t be allowed.  Doesn’t divorce threaten the institution of marriage more?

Of course, I live in a state where it’s Nothing Including Marriage.  I suppose I should be so lucky to be able to complain about ABM in my state.

But still, can I like the fact that we’re seeing progress towards equality but still unhappy with the compromises that we still have to make?


After a quick internet search, this article says what I’m clumsily trying to articulate much more clearly…


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