A good friend of mine visited over the weekend — in fact, the first real, live human being to hear me admit that I was gay.

Of course, she had been trying to get me to say it for years, but that’s aside from the point.  I mean, really – who wants to take that leap of coming out to someone and their reply to be, “I told ya so!”.

All along she’s been kind of guiding me along, there for the questions and rantings and whatnots.  A resource, if you will.  She’s also taken on a mentoring role with me, pushing me to do the things that were most uncomfortable:  coming out to my straight friends, trying out the online dating thing, finally sitting down and talking to my parents and family.

The topic of conversation this time around?  Why I’m not dating.  Or really getting out at all, in a lesbian sort of way.

I told her that I had started up the online dating thing again, but remain convinced that there’s nothing but wackos out there.  Or – at least – my ad seems to attract the wackos.  Which could certainly be the case.  I’m a wacko magnet.

So, then we started going through my (short) list of friends that could either hold potential or be culled for blind dates with their friends.

Which didn’t go so well either.

One case of an interest on my part, but none seemingly on the other (not that I’ve asked or anything… that would be weird… and might ruin a friendship….). Another instance of someone who I think would like to be sexting buddies with me, but I’m certainly not interested in that (my thumbs get tired so quickly).

And there ya have it.  My potential dating social life in a nutshell:  going abso-fuckin-lutely nowhere.

We were both in agreement of this.

Her solution?  Move up by her.  Because apparently Wisconsin has a disproportionate number of lesbians.  And they’re all just waiting for ME to show up.

(poor girls)


3 responses to “Next?

  1. remoteingenuity

    “Her solution? Move up by her. Because apparently Wisconsin has a disproportionate number of lesbians. And they’re all just waiting for ME to show up.

    (poor girls)”

    Now, now. Pessimism doesn’t get us anywhere!
    What about the REAL LIFE gay dating scene? Like a gay club? Or a bar even, where you can just sit and “gayscope”? ;P
    I know how you’re feeling. Being from a small town in Southern Ontario, I felt very restrained and limited by the amount of gay people in my general vicinity and the amount of bashing I got. (It was a Catholic community).
    I’ve since moved to Toronto and live couldn’t be better. Although, I did meet my wife on a dating website. It seems that’s one of the better ways to attract an awesome woman.
    Don’t let hope get you down. I’m sure you’re absolutely lovely! Take your time, I mean! You’re just getting used to being gay, there’s nothing like rushing into a lesbian relationship and finding yourself gasping for air. ;P
    Good luck.
    – A lesbian who cares ;P

    • Thanks so much for the note! I vacillate between “I’m sick of being alone!” to “Eh, being social is *so* over-rated…”

      The post that comes out on any given day just depends on what mood I’m in. 🙂

      I do need to branch out more… though probably not all the way up to Wisconsin!

      • remoteingenuity

        No, probably not that far, but I wouldn’t count yourself out before you even stand to bat.

        Social aspects of our lives are so important to our existence. We need companionship. A life of solitude leads us to go crazy. Psychological studies! 🙂 Although, fear of the unknown is really restricting at times it’s probably not worth swearing off interaction with the ladies.

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