Happy Friday #12: Head for the hills!

(on Fridays around these parts, I take a little time to make sure that all the happy things happening in my life get a shout out)

Actually, at this point, I’m not entirely sure that this is going to turn out to be something to be “happy” about, but…

Tomorrow I head for the hills of Wisconsin to do the Horribly Hilly Hundreds bike ride.  I am wholly untrained and unprepared for this ride (um, yea … right now my longest ride of the year stands at 25 VERY FLAT miles), but I’m doing it anyway.  Why?

Because a good friend of mine asked, no BEGGED me to go with.  And you know what?  It feels so good to be wanted.  To know that what I’m doing is making someone else really happy.  So – perhaps this is THEIR Happy Friday moment, too!

Being a runner/triathlete, I’m well-acquainted with the whole pleasure/pain ying yang.  This ride is going to hurt.  I’ve no delusions that I’m going to magically gain bike fitness somewhere in the few hundred miles of driving between here and there.  But, like my friend said:  misery loves company.  And she’s right.

Her and I suffered through the Chicago Marathon together (we were both injured, both utterly undertrained) and despite the awfulness of it, it was probably my most enjoyable marathon ever.  And to this day, we laugh and laugh about it.. the inside jokes and shared glances, knowing what each other is thinking.  Now that?  That’s worth the pain.

“Remember that time when we thought that biking up a few hills wouldn’t be so bad….”


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