Happy Friday #13: Miles and miles

(on Fridays around these parts, I take a little time to make sure that all the happy things happening in my life get a shout out)

I’ve now mentioned this is in two other posts, but I’m absurdly proud of it, so I’ll mention it again:  the Horribly Hilly ride, while both horrible and hilly (it’s all in the name!) was pretty awesome.

Yes, I fell.  Twice.  Sure, I wanted to throw my bike out and never see it again by the end.  And damn right I would have taken a ride back to the finish line had it ever been offered.

But still – there’s something about going out and doing something that you KNOW is beyond your fitness level.  Something that’s big and daunting and scares the pants right off ya (and puts you into spandex bike shorts, apparently).  The challenge of it all… and the hard-fought victory… more than worth the blood, sweat and tears (yes, there were tears, too).

On an entirely different note, during one of my miles upon miles commutes this week — during a Dorothy-and-Toto-like rain storm — I had an accident.  I managed to hydroplane my little car into a concrete barrier.

And this makes the cut into the Happy Friday post?

Well, it makes me realize how incredibly damn lucky I am.  I escaped with just bumps and bruises.  My car escaped with nary more than that.  And where the accident happened, I have no idea how I wasn’t hit by another car.

I was able to drive away from the scene, car and body intact.  Shaken up, muscle sore and emotionally spent, but safe and sound.

Yup.  Happy.  And grateful.  And feeling amazingly blessed despite this being the week from hell.


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