A guaranteed honest response

(I’ve started using the service Plinky to occasionally generate ideas for blog posts…. The question posed this time was, If you were guaranteed an honest response, what would you ask?)

Ever want to know what other people think of you?

I admit it — I do.

Of course, I’d like these honest responses to be tempered with a little bit of tact, but I’d like them honest nonetheless.

And I suppose I’m a little more discerning than just that: I actually don’t care one bit what a lot of people think of me. But there are a few people in my life that are enigmatic enough about their true feelings that I’d love to know what’s on their minds when they think about me and our relationship.

I mean, aren’t there days when the idea of being able to read minds is quite appealing? Really – rather than guessing if that other person has the hots for you, wouldn’t it be nice to just KNOW that they think you’re the one for them?

Seems to me that being able to ask the question and be assured that the answer you’re getting is authentic, would be a goldmine.

Of course, you still have to ask the question.

Which could be difficult.

But… worth it? Without a doubt.

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