A girl’s best friend

As promised, the next installment:  my other best friend…

No, not diamonds!  (though if you’d like to send me some, I wouldn’t say no…)

Belle.  Yup – Belle is a girl’s best friend.

And with a face like this, could anyone disagree?

"throw the ball throw the ball throw the ball throw the bal throw the ball...."

Last post I talked about how sometimes fate steps in and gives you a nudge towards where you need to be.  Belle coming into my life was much like that.

I had been wanting another dog; I had put my old dog Joe to sleep a few years ago and I didn’t exactly like the empty house.  But, living so far away from work, I couldn’t bring a dog into that situation.  On a good day, I was gone almost 12 hours at a time.  So, when I moved closer, getting a dog was something that I thought could be a possibility.  Not only was I closer to work, but also my parents live only a few miles from me and would help out.

And still, I didn’t get one.  My roommate, K,  and I were still kind of settling in and figuring each other out.  And while K wasn’t opposed to getting a dog, she wasn’t completely on board with the idea either.  And then?  We dog sat Ginger the Wonder Dog.  And all of a sudden, K declared herself in love and wanted one of her own.

Literally the day after we gave Ginger back, I got an email from a good friend:  a colleague of hers had rescued a pitbull but couldn’t keep her.  He had found her muzzled and tied to a bench in the city — in March when it was cold and snowing! — and she had been there at least two days.  She had just had a litter — the pups were no where to be found, but she still had milk in her.  And despite this treatment, she was the absolute sweetest dog ever.

I met her a few days later and from the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she would be my next dog.  And so, Belle came home with me and the three of us — me, K and Belle — immediately became a family of 3.  K loved Belle as much as I did.  Funny how things just fall into place sometimes.

And so that’s the story of how I got my second best friend.  Belle’s settled in and runs the house (though she allows me to think I’m in charge).  She’s “technically” my dog, though she’s really “our” dog (which I love).  Serendipity brought us all together, but it feels it was always meant to be.


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