I don’t get chicks.  I really don’t.

You’d think that being one myself, I’d have some sort of insight, but … no.

So – the first date I talked about last time?  It fizzled out in such unspectacular fashion that I’m still not quite sure what happened.  We emailed a few times, texted a few times.  She was going to Colorado, said that our schedules probably made it better if we hung out on the weekend (very true… I work early, she works late and we live about an hour apart) and that we could figure out a time to get together when she got back.

Which was great!  I was happy with that.  While she was in Colorado, I texted her and we exchanged a few notes.  She got back and I didn’t hear from her so I texted again and we texted for a few hours.  And then I started realizing that it was always ME texting and ME emailing and her just responding.  So – I decided to just stop.  She knows my number.

And you know how this played out, right?  I haven’t heard from her since then.

Which makes me sad.  Yea, I had thoughts of there being a potential relationship there.  But even without the romantic stuff, I thought we could be friends.  We have so much in common — and lots of activities to do together — that I thought it could be good.  I assume she’s all full-up in the friend department because I’ve heard nary a word from her.

It’s not as though she even really implied a future (aside from saying that we’d hang out when she got back from vacation), but I guess I would just like hearing, “Hey, you’re a great person and all but I’m not interested.”  We’re adults — I would welcome that far more than just silence and wondering what happened.

So, I’m making another foray into the online world.  At some point my luck has got to change, right?


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