Check yes or no

Remember all those online dates I was going on?  The ones that typically weren’t going all that swimmingly?

Turns out that maybe my luck is changing.

The last one — right before Christmas — I walked away from thinking, “Not really my type, but she was nice to talk to. I could do this again.”.  But I didn’t get a reply to my “Had a good time!” text, and I wrote her off just like all the others.

(I felt like sending her a note:  “Do you want to be my friend?  Check yes or no…” yes, I’m too cool…)

But – it turns out she was just kind of caught up with the holidays (she has two small kids) and forgot to get back to me.  And after a series of texts and emails, I think I might have found a city buddy!  She lives right in the area where I’m planning on getting an apartment and we have a lot in common, from both being runners/bikers to having a lifestyle that doesn’t typically include a lot of hitting the clubs, drinking to oblivion and staying out until 5am (though every once in awhile a girl’s gotta figuratively let her hair down, right?) (figuratively since my hair is cut pretty short… not much “letting down” to it).

And I’m excited!  I don’t anticipate this thing developing into anything romantic, but we’re already starting to plan activities together:  going to a Blackhawks game, joining a book club (at a feminist book store in her neighborhood) and things like that.  Just what I’ve been looking for:  not only someone to do things with, but someone who lives where I want to be, is gay and can potentially help me to develop a larger LGBT circle of friends (you know, larger than 1).

I like that this is how my year is starting out — a little anticipation goes a long way.  And she’s got to have friends, right? She’s not glomming onto me just because she’s got no one else, right?? So – theoretically – one of her friends could be my soulmate.  Or at least someone to hook up with?  (what can I say – it’s been way too long a time for me…)

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to start reading so I’ve got my homework done for all the hot women that will be at the book club!


2 responses to “Check yes or no

  1. There’s so much awesomeness happening here. Book club! Hot women! Theoretical soul mate!

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