That’s just about as likely as me having a date tonight.

Nah.  That could NEVER happen, right?  I mean, this is CHICAGO.  It doesn’t SNOW in JANUARY in CHICAGO.  And LAURA doesn’t go on DATES.  Are you with me?

Oh, wait… I *do* have a date tonight.  My bad.

So – yes – the only thing the news stations have been capable of talking about all week is SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! as though this weren’t a normal part of winter here in the good ol’ Midwest.  I’ve lived here all my life and still don’t understand the intensity of the freaked-out-ness when the first real snow falls.  And it was just made worse this year by week after week of April-ish weather:  it’s almost as though we came to feel entitled to 50 degrees in January!

And now I’m going to stop talking about the weather, since otherwise that just makes me one of “them”.

I do have another online-born first date set up for tonight.  I’m not altogether optimistic about this one, but at some point I decided I would never turn down an offer (as long as the woman seemed normal-ish and not stalker-like).  She emailed me about a week ago with nothing but “Hi” in the message.  I ignored it.  Next she sent another:  “Hello”.  Again – me ignoring (even though she was starting to get really wordy).  But third time’s the charm:  “I’d love to get together with you for coffee sometime soon.”  And, there it is:  a legitimate offer and  – again – I don’t feel like I should turn anyone down.

So, I’ll go out for a quick dinner.  I scheduled it before a 7pm appointment (and let the woman know about this) so that I won’t be trapped there for more than an hour.  Smart, eh?

Of course, with the weather the way it is (damn! I wasn’t going to talk about that!), I’m not sure that it’s the best idea.  I mean, I’m not going anywhere when driving time is likely to be doubled or tripled.  She didn’t give me her phone number in return, though, so I’ve got no real way of getting in touch.  I left a message online for her, telling her of my ambivalent status… hopefully she’ll see it.  Otherwise, is it rude of me to not show up with only emailing her my regrets?

We’ll see how this goes.  Perhaps the roads won’t be bad at all! (I’m actually hoping not – I’m going to a snow-shoeing class … something I’ve been wanting to learn how to do!… and yes, I get the irony that I might not make a snow-shoeing class because of … the snow).  And while I don’t think we’re a Love Connection (who remembers that show??), you never know.  Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE:  The weather foiled my plans.  Dang.  When my normally 30-minute ride home took me over an hour (and the radio kept telling me “…and it’s not bad yet!”), I decided that I didn’t feel like braving the roads to head out for the date or the snow-shoeing class.  I’m more disappointed about one over the other (you make the guess as to which!)…


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