Another Saturday night

Saturday night and here I sit:  in my sweats, in front of the TV, snuggled up with Belle.

I had plans — or at least an offer for plans.  And plans that I was actually up for …  the girl that I had gone on a date with that had a huge buddy potential told me about a city bar having a ladies dance night that she was going to, and she wanted me to join her out.

And that sounded like fun!  I’ve been looking for opportunities to hit the city and get out and start meeting folks, and this would be perfect.

The problem?  She wanted to meet up at 10pm.  As in, an hour past my bedtime.

I always have the best of intentions with these late night kind of deals (yes, I TOTALLY consider 10pm to be “late night”).  I’m so optimistic;  YES I’ll be UP and READY to go!  I’m gonna DO IT this time!  And then 7pm rolls around and because I don’t have to leave for another 2+ hours, I’m lounging around in my sweats.  At 8pm I’m looking at the clock, thinking, “Yea, I’ve got to start getting ready to go…” but in no way interested in getting off the couch.  By 8:30pm I’m admonishing myself, very sternly:  “Get going! You need to move!”   By 9pm I’m tired, warm, comfortable in my chair and have mostly given in to the reality that it’s not natural for me to live a jet set party animal kind of life.

Most nights, my failure to get out of the house would initiate a lot of negative self-talk:  “You’re such a loser.  You can’t stay up late enough to go out with everyone else in the whole world.  Why would anyone want to be friends with your anyway?”

But this particular Saturday night?  Something in my mindset shifted.  I’m completely at peace with my decision not to go out.  Just the fact that I not only had someone to meet up with, but also would have retained my ability to leave whenever I wanted because I would have driven myself really did make it the perfect situation.  Tonight I felt like this social event was something I could have handled.  I simply chose not to.

Instead, I know I can get to bed at a decent hour.  Wake up early.  Do the CrossFit Filthy Fifty workout.  Go see my roommate play basketball.  Head to a bookstore in the city to pick up the book for the reading group in February.  All things that would be difficult to accomplish if I didn’t get enough sleep.

Plus, it’ll be easier to do a late night social event once I’ve got a place in the city.  Going out will mean stepping out the front door, not driving almost an hour to get somewhere.  And when it’s warm (or at least warmer!) I don’t have to worry about snow, bad weather, wearing a jacket and whether or not my cute boots will hold up to the salt and slush on the sidewalks.

So tonight it’s just me and Belle.  And I’m okay with that.  Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday night, too!


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